Trove Console Beta for Xbox One and PS4 is Live! Check out the Details Here!

Trove has been available for PC gamers since Summer of last year. Finally, it has made its way to console gamers! Is it exciting news? Well, that depends – do you enjoy games that require very minimal thought processing, that’s still relatively fun at the same time? I’m not a fan or player of Minecraft, but I certainly enjoyed Trove. I spent a couple months playing it daily, in fact. Alright, you can stop the booing and hollering now. Regardless, I thought it was enjoyable and very cute. Collecting sunflowers, playing soccer, building my annoying chocolate waterfall, and fighting BAMs (Big Ass Mother-lovers) were my favorite pastimes in Trove. Want more details rather than my hilarious, but rather useless opinion? Check out the trailer and details on the open beta, below:

Calling all Beta Testers!

  • Trove’s Open Beta is an early look at the game that we’ll be launching on consoles in the coming months.
  • We have more work to do before we’re ready for prime time and we need your help! We have our own road map of what to improve between this Beta test and launch, and your feedback is vital to helping us stay on the right track.
  • We’d love to hear what you think about the game as it is today and how you feel about the things we have in store.
  • The dev team will be updating you regularly with everything that’s going on between now and launch!

What makes Trove Beta awesome?

  • You do! Trove is loaded up with thousands of player created items such as hats, costumes, weapons, mounts, allies (pets), and dragons.
  • It’s an open Beta test so everyone is welcome to join us!
  • One of the things we’re working on is an improved control scheme and your feedback will help shape how the game is played.
  • Create Clubs (similar to guilds) with your friends and build wonders beyond imagination together. Club Worlds are open spaces for building that cannot be modified by visitors.
  • If you’re more of a fighter than a builder we’ve got you covered. Explore our vast adventure worlds to take down enemies in the open world or in our massive selection of dungeons.
  • Pick from 14 unique classes to suit your style.
    • Chloromancer, Revenant, Lunar Lancer, Tomb Raiser, Boomeranger, Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter, Ice Sage, Candy Barbarian, Neon Ninja, Dracolyte, Fae Trickster, Gunslinger, and Knight

trove classes

  • For those of you who want to test your mettle against other players we have a multitude of “Capture the Flag” and “Team Deathmatch” arenas as well!
  • Trovians who choose to pitch in their support by spending any amount of money in the Trove Store during Beta will also receive a legendary dragon, Disaeon the Immortal, as our way of saying thank you!
  • Legendary dragons are extremely cool mounts that allow you to run at high speed and glide through the air even more quickly. They aren’t just cool for speeding up your adventures, but you can also use them to launch powerful ranged attacks from the sky.

And, according to Trove’s website, any progress made during the beta will carry over – if you so decide to continue on adventuring in the game. What do you think, gamers? Why not give it a try? If you’ve already put some hours into it, what do you think of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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