Torchlight Frontiers Delayed Until Next Year

torchlight frontiers

Perfect World first announced Torchlight Frontiers in 2018 to continue the vibrant series that began with Runic Games. Despite the latter studio’s shut-down and replacement by Echtra Games, founder of said company, Max Schaefer, wanted to create a successor that Torchlight 2 fans would enjoy. Originally slated for 2019 release date, it seems as though the game’s been delayed until 2020.

Taking place at a Path of Exile convention in New Zealand, Schaefer touched on the news of Torchlight Frontiers with PC Gamer. Inquiring on an official release date, Schaefer admitted that Echtra is facing delays that’s “hard to pin down.”

“We have not updated that yet which we probably should,” said Schaefer. “But we don’t have really specific things to say. We’re doing some changes to the game right now that is kind of hard to pin down. We don’t really have better information to give yet. So that’s kind of why we’ve been waiting. But obviously it’s not going to make it right away. It’s plugging along and it’s getting better every day. And we’re really excited about it. It’s just we’re kind of waiting for the right time to like, come out with another big news dump about what’s going on.”

While news of a delay is always unfortunate, thankfully the game is still chugging along in development and the team is just preparing to bring it out to the world! As of now, the website still declares a 2019 release year for Torchlight Frontiers. Hopefully, the next update will let fans in on an official release date for 2020! If a delay means a polished “shared, persistent, and dynamically generated world” for fans to enjoy, then a little while longer shouldn’t hurt too much.

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