Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Postponed Until Live-Action Film’s Release – Horrifying Trailer Released (VIDEO)

The popular anime about flesh-eating creatures overrunning the capitol of Japan is getting its own live-action film, but Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will have to wait until the movie is released in Japan. Tokyo Ghoul started in Sui Ishida’s dark manga series in 2011 and then became an anime in 2014. At this point, American fans would have to stream the show internationally, but in March of this year Adult Swim started playing the anime, starting from the very first episode. Because of this, the popularity of the show skyrocketed and fans were left craving more and impatiently waiting on a Season 3 release. Unfortunately, Funimation announced that the show will be on a hiatus until the film by Kentaro Hagiwara comes out in the Summer.

tokyo ghoul season 3

As much as it sucks to have to wait so long and have no definite release date for Tokyo Ghoul season 3, this is also the perfect opportunity to get friends and family caught up on the show so they can join in on the gory fun. Introduce them to the world of Japanese college student Ken Kaneki as he learns to adjust to his new life of being a “half-ghoul” after his date, who happens to be a ghoul in disguise, attacks him and almost kills him. Friends can bond while watching Ken adjust to his newfound hunger for human flesh, or they will be disgusted and start to wonder what kind of human being would watch such filth while side glancing you, but it’s worth a try!

The live- action film comes out on July 29th only in Japan and there is not a set release date for Tokyo Ghoul season 3, bummer! Still, the trailer below is worth the watch and it looks amazing,  so let’s hope there will be an English subtitled version in the future! First is the Japanese version and after that is an English translated version of the trailer:

DFTG wants to know what the fans think of the trailer! Are you sad that Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is postponed? Comment down below with your answer and then make sure to head on over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page and hit that follow button for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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