Talking Crash Bandicoot Featured in Netflix’s Skylanders Academy

It’s been revealed that Crash Bandicoot will be featured in the new Netflix show Skylanders Academy. Youtuber pix pinguino recently uploaded a video in which we see everyone’s favorite genetically enhanced bandicoot. The two things that jump out right away is the fact that Crash speaks and less surprisingly, due to the characters origins, that he has an Australian accent. Crash appears in the 11th episode of the show titled: “Crash Landing.” Check out the clip below.

The episode’s official synopsis states “After Crash Bandicoot is somehow transported into their world, the Skylanders have to help him get home by finding a dark relic.” The show is being helmed by Futurama writer Eric Rogers and is the first in a line of upcoming projects by Activision Blizzard Studios, the game developer’s tv and movie division. The studio has aspirations of a live action Call of Duty film among several other projects said to be in development.

skylanders-academy Crash

The show features the voice talent of High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale, Justin Long of (Alvin and The Chipmunks) as Sypro and Susan Sarandon just to name a few. The entire first season of Skylanders Academy is now available to watch on Netflix and season two has already be greenlit with a scheduled release of late 2017. If you want more details on the show you can check out our write up from earlier this week that takes a more in depth look at the series and its characters.

Have you seen the show and if so what are your reactions? Do you prefer a talking Crash to a silent one? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments below and as always make sure to keep a tab open on Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video gaming related news you need to know.

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