Call of Duty Battle Royale

Call Of Duty Battle Royale Warzone Arriving Very Soon

Leaks and rumors have been pointing to a battle royale release for the latest Call of Duty installment, only that it would be a standalone free-to-play game. Not only does…

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Eve Valkyrie

Free Eve Valkyrie Expansion Completely Overhauling the Game – Optional VR Coming (VIDEO)

For those who have longed for a day when they could afford a VR rig to play Eve Valkyrie, things are about to change. A new, and more importantly free,…

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Rock n Rail

Rock n Rail Mode Hits the Deck in Halo 5 Multiplayer Season Update

With Halo 5 Multiplayer, it is always a toss up of what will come next in the rotation. Lucky for fans, the next mode has hit announcement boards and excitement…

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Halo 5 REQ changes

343 Industries has Released Halo 5 REQ Changes and Warlords Playlist Feedback

343 Industries has rolled out their latest Halo 5 REQ changes, outlining them on their website on February 3rd. Fans can expect some weapon tweaks and armor mods among other…

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Halo 5 Header

Halo 5 New Playlist Drops This Weekend – Classic Helmet DLC in February

Halo is one of the biggest sci-fi game franchises out there. The support for the series continues to remain strong with new DLC announced for February and a new playlist…

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