Xbox players

Xbox Players Most Toxic Of Any Gamers, Study Reveals

Since the internet helped make the world of gaming more interconnected, gamer culture has been well aware of how toxic the online gaming community can be. From harassment to the…

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Anthem: Bioware Discusses Plans To Combat Toxicity

As with any online environment, there will always be players that take it upon themselves to ruin the fun of others be it out of spite or some twisted sense…

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Now Instantly Banning Players For Using Slurs

It’s no secret that hate speech has been a problem in online games since the beginning, but now it seems that companies like Ubisoft are finally making concentrated efforts to…

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Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan Goes Ham On Infamous Troll

Overwatch game director, and general community dad, Jeff Kaplan is known for being incredibly involved with the Blizzard forums. He has also been known for his transparency when discussing the…

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