'West Of Dead' Shooter Game Revealed, Voiced By Ron Perlman (VIDEO)

‘West Of Dead’ Shooter Game Revealed, Voiced By Ron Perlman (VIDEO)

X019 has held a number of awesome announcements over the last 24 hours, with the likes of a debuting DONTNOD adventure and Obsidian’s creative new offering providing an unending source…

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Monster Hunter

New Monster Hunter Film Set Photos Emerge, But Fans Aren’t Happy

The team behind the upcoming Monster Hunter film was very clear from the start that they a collision of worlds would be seen in the upcoming movie. Even still, the…

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Monster Hunter Movie Officially Casts Ron Perlman, T.I. Harris

Monster Hunter Movie Officially Casts Ron Perlman And T.I. Harris

Despite the film’s production beginning in less than two weeks, very little is still known about director Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming Monster Hunter movie adaptation, other than the fact that…

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Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil Star Milla Jovovich Cast in Hellboy Reboot

Milla Jovovich has had a long career as a badass female protagonist. Her most iconic roles have been Leeloo in The Fifth Element, as well as her portrayal of Alice in…

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Mike Mignola Confirms an R-Rated Hellboy Reboot Incoming

A Hellboy reboot is incoming and has been confirmed be the original creator of the comic series himself. According to a personal Facebook post of Mike Mignola, he announces that…

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Hellboy 3

Hellboy 3 Officially Laid to Rest by Director Guillermo del Toro

Fans who have been patiently awaiting the third installment in the Hellboy franchise may want to stop holding their breath now. It is unfortunate to report that Hellboy 3 will not…

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Guillermo del Toro Will Arrange Meeting with Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola to Discuss Hellboy 3

Famed director Guillermo del Toro has got the hype train rolling for the possibility of another Hellboy film. Thanks to the modern technology of social media, del Toro took to Twitter to ask if fans…

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