Rocket League Crossplay Party Support Coming This Year

Rocket League is one of the few titles that supports crossplay between platforms, and that’s one of the many reasons why players love it so much. Pair that with just…

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Steam Top 100 List For 2017 Hits Fans With Some Surprise Twists

As is customary, a new year often brings some reminiscing as we reflect on days gone by. Looking back on the highest grossing games of 2017, the numbers are in…

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Rocket League Free With Purchase Of 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

There may not be additional discounts on top of this exclusive deal, but a game and subscription bundle doesn’t sound half bad. The soccer video game featuring fast, custom cars…

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Rocket League Outline

Rocket League Outline For 2018 Indicates A Focus On Online Improvements

Rocket League first appeared back in 2015 as an arcade soccer-like game featuring rocket powered cars. Now almost 3 years later, the title has gained a massive player base and…

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Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Skyrim, Rocket League, Rime, And Much More

The Nintendo Switch eShop only continues to grow as it seemingly adds new titles on a daily basis. While the releases may not be that frequent, one would certainly think…

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Rocket League Party System To Begin Testing Soon

Rocket League Party System Getting Revamped – Testing To Begin Soon

Rocket League is a game built around the multiplayer experience and because of this makes frequent use of an online party system to allow friends to form teams. To accomplish…

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Rocket League Arrives On The Nintendo Switch In November With Crossplay Capabilities

Earlier this year, Psyonix announced plans for a Nintendo Switch port for their extremely successful game Rocket League. Though it was available on most other platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox…

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Fast and Furious DLC

New Fast and Furious DLC Coming to Rocket League Very Soon (VIDEO)

Psyonix’s Rocket League seems to only be getting better as it ages. Cars and content depicting fan-favorite franchises are always being added, bringing a bit of freshening up to the…

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Rocket League's Autumn Update

Rocket League’s Autumn Update Adds Player Banners, New Items, and More (VIDEO)

With summer almost fully behind us we can finally start embracing the things that make fall amazing: pumpkin spice everything, hoodies, and (just go with it) Rocket League’s Autumn Update!…

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Exclusive Themed Battle-Cars are Coming to Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the creators of Rocket League, Psyonix, have shown interest in porting their intensely popular game for the Nintendo Switch. As a matter of fact, it was…

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