Director Confirms Prey’s Multiple Endings – Here’s What We Know

The developers of the upcoming first-person shooter game have confirmed that Prey will have multiple endings that all depend on your actions throughout. In the game, you control Morgan Yu and…

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Prey Trailer

A New Prey Trailer Teases Heart Pounding Plot – May Release Date Confirmed (VIDEO)

The new Prey trailer for the upcoming reboot has just released, weaving even more of the incredibly frightening story coming our way. Aside from the terrifying shots of gameplay footage shown…

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Dishonored 2 Developers Say Upcoming Title ‘Prey’ will be “Flawless” upon Release (VIDEO)

The upcoming FPS title Prey is a highly anticipated title slated for 2017 that crafts a strong narrative with its decision-based storyline and suspenseful atmosphere. After Dishonored 2 experienced some…

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Prey Features Crafting, Alien Abilities, and Killer Weaponry in New Gameplay Video (VIDEO)

Prey, an upcoming game from Arkane Studios and produced by Bethesda Softworks, is boasting some seriously cool looking features. We got to see that the alien enemies in the game…

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Prey gameplay

New Prey Gameplay Premiered at The Game Awards

Prey has been one of the games where it is hard not to get excited about it. Space. Mystery. Creatures. What is not to love? We can tell you what…

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We Will See Prey Gameplay at The Game Awards 2016 (VIDEO)

The Game Awards are a most joyous occasion, rife with announcements and trailers and demos, oh my! What’s not to love when Geoff Kneighley takes the stage to host what…

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