PAX Online 2021 To Replace This Year's PAX East

PAX Online To Replace This Year’s PAX East, Date Range Revealed

While gamers around the US have been holding onto hope that this year would see the return of mainstay industry events such as E3, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in…

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Boston Mayor Urges Sony To Reconsider PAX East Cancellation

Boston Mayor Urges Sony To Reconsider PAX East Cancellation

There was a sizeable amount of hype for this year’s PAX East, not only for the expected reveals to come out the Boston-held event, but for PlayStation’s high-profile plans for…

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pax east sony penny arcade

PAX Responds To Sony’s Coronavirus Concerns And Absence This Year

Growing concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) has put attendees of large events and expos on high alert. In fact, earlier this week, Sony announced a decision to…

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Dungeons & Dragons

Popular Dungeons and Dragons Character Meets His End (VIDEO)

Games are strange when it comes to death, allowing players to revive or re-loading the last save in which the character was alive. That being said, tabletop is an entirely…

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