Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Receives 30 GB Patch For Final B.E.T.A. Sessions

The Fallout 76 Break-it-Early-Test-Application (B.E.T.A.) has been going as expected: Pretty well with some bugs added to the mix. One such issue even deleted the entire game from players’ machines,…

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Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon Game Landing On All Platforms In 2019

With DreamWorks bringing the third installment in the popular How to Train Your Dragon film franchise, The Hidden World, fans may be wondering how they might get their next fix…

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Battlefront II Palpatine

Battlefront II Patch Brings Back Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront II finally fixed one of its most glaring issues to date this week. The August patch brought the return of the previously-broken Emperor Palpatine to the beleaguered…

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EA Loses Player Levels In Latest Battlefront II Patch

DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II has run into another snag in a long history of controversy, with its latest patch leveling down some players’ characters by as much as ten…

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Lastest PUBG PC Update Focuses On Bugfixes, FPS Drops & Balance Changes

A new PC update is live on PUBG, with it bringing a host of bugfixes and balance changes. The team at Bluehole Studio Inc. took a close look at the…

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Latest Sea Of Thieves Update Adds Better Ways To Manage Crews & More (VIDEO)

Sea of Thieves developers Rare LTD. has released a new update to the game which introduces a better way to manage your crew and who is allowed to join it….

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Next PUBG Xbox One Patch Adds Realistic Scope Changes & More

The team at Bluehole are putting another PUBG patch through their Xbox test servers before bringing it to the live version of the game. There are tons of new improvements…

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Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Patch Fixes Kulve Taroth Quest Issues

Monster Hunter World has taken the gaming universe by storm and the wildly popular title recently received a massive update that included a new monster and quest line. Kulve Taroth,…

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Latest Update Brings UI Improvements, Ship Changes, & More

Rare has released a new update to their open world pirating experience, Sea of Thieves. In this new patch, the team is focusing on bringing improvements to various aspects that…

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Next Destiny 2 Patch

Next Destiny 2 Patch To Include Nightfall Strike Scoring, Emblem Variants, And More

The roadmap for Bungie’s Destiny 2 has been set, and it looks like the developer is doing their best to stay on track. With updates containing new features, fixes, and…

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