Sony Is Auto-Refunding Those That Purchased Maneater On PS5

Sony Is Auto-Refunding Those That Purchased Maneater For PS5

The recent announcement of the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2021 has had an added benefit for those that already own one of the upcoming freebies. Sony has recently…

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Maneater Review Round-Up (VIDEO)

RPGs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but developer Tripwire Interactive has been underway on a truly unusual twist on the genre with the new game Maneater. Presenting…

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Maneater Launch Trailer

Maneater Launch Trailer Highlights The Viciously Hilarious Experience Ahead (VIDEO)

When Deep Silver revealed their open world shark RPG back in 2018, players were intrigued by assuming the role of a shark and adventuring out into the world of water…

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New Maneater Trailer Reveals Story Details About The Shark-PG (VIDEO)

This year’s E3 has brought about a plethora of announcements, reveal trailers, updates on games, and so much more for fans to enjoy. One such title to receive a bit…

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