breath of the wild 2

New Breath Of The Wild 2 Gameplay And Story Details Leaked

New details on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 were leaked on Reddit recently, revealing gameplay and story details that may or may not have some merit…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Playable Link From The Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Playable Link From The Legend of Zelda (VIDEO)

Super Mario Maker 2 has proven to be the sequel that keeps on giving, providing players with ample content from both Nintendo as well as legions of creative level-generating fans….

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Overwatch The Legend of Zelda Link

Legend Of Zelda’s Link Joins Overwatch With This Fan Mod (VIDEO)

Talks about one of the Overwatch heroes making their way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been ramping up lately, especially with the game finding a new home on the…

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Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Nintendo Switch Controller Available Now

Nintendo’s name has circulated news in the video game industry as of late and for good reason. Aside from their hilariously snappy April Fool’s Day teaser, the announcement of Link’s…

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New ‘Legend of Zelda’ Game In The Works?

The title of 2017 game of the year award was deserved for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch…

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Epic Dark Souls Mod Brings The Legend Of Zelda's Link To Lordran (VIDEO)

Epic Dark Souls Mod Brings The Legend Of Zelda’s Link To Lordran (VIDEO)

Dark Souls mods have been hitting the spotlight in a big way recently, due in no small part to this year’s release of Dark Souls Remastered. Earlier this week, we…

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Hilarious Legend Of Zelda Parody Pits Link Against The Shrub Of Destiny (VIDEO)

Link has enjoyed a long run that appears to not be stopping anytime soon. With the recent release of Breath of the Wild, the franchise stepped into a new era…

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Legend of Zelda-inspired beer

Zelda-Inspired “Triforce” Beer Is The Perfect Tribute To An Iconic Franchise

We’ve been seeing some pretty amazing video game-inspired adult beverages recently, and an Atlanta, Georgia-based brewery is looking to continue on the trend with a new beer that should excite…

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Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’s Kokiri Forest Recreated In The Unreal Engine 4 Is Stunning (VIDEO)

Recreation of classic games aren’t expected from original developers, not when there are so many original ideas and sequels ready to be made. Although it isn’t uncommon to see some…

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Medicom's Collectible Link Figure

Medicom Reveals New Collectible Link Figure From ‘Breath of the Wild’ – But It’ll Cost You

With the massive popularity of The Legend of Zelda series and the enormous success Breath of the Wild has enjoyed since the game launched on March 3rd, it was only a matter…

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