DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Horde Mode Gameplay Revealed In Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

DOOM Eternal’s Update 6.66 is set to be the biggest update the developers will have brought to the title yet, with changes and improvements to existing content as well as…

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DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Will Have No Microtransactions, Confirms Developer

Many games in this current generation–especially those of the online variety–have employed to the idea of using microtransactions to give players new content at a price. It’s proven to be…

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DOOM Eternal Animal Crossing

DOOM Eternal Director “Excited To Play Animal Crossing”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a light and fluffy franchise filled with happiness and joy, while DOOM Eternal is a glory slaughter-fest filled with rage and blood-soaked hatred. While these…

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potential Doom sequel

Brand New Interview Reveals Potential DOOM Sequel

For those keeping up, the latest installment of Doom has had a long and interesting past. With Doom 4 abandoned on the development floor, and some developers still wanting to…

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