Pokemon Direct

Pokémon Direct Set For This Week, Possible New Game Announcement

Pokemon fans are in for a treat, as Nintendo has announced a Direct presentation that is set to take place this week. In addition to this, it is very possible…

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A New Pokémon Game Announcement Reportedly Coming Soon

Pokémon Let’s Go released just last year, taking fans back to the Kanto region introduced in Red and Blue and later reintroduced FireRed and LeafGreen. It wasn’t however the next…

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Pokemon Go Psychic Event Kicks Off Tomorrow, Details Here

The team at the Pokemon Company and Niantic always has interesting ideas hidden up their sleeves when it comes to the hit mobile game, Pokemon Go. From the recent revelation…

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Pokemon Let’s Go Allows Players To Herd Pikachu For Candies (VIDEO)

Pokemon Let’s Go is a new twist on the classic top-down, sprite design. Instead the teams at Game Freak and Nintendo are taking the updated look of Sun & Moon…

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Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Editions Revealed

Pokemon Let’s Go arrives this November and it’s fantastic family fun for everyone, parents and kids alike. Gone are the days of the finicky Hey You, Pikachu of the N64…

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Pokemon Let’s Go: Poke Ball Plus Is The Best Way To Play The Game

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee has yet to receive the publicity it deserves. Taking on a new visual approach to the classic Pokemon franchise, Game Freak…

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Pokemon Quest Gets Release Date For Mobile Devices – A Cubic Pokemon Adventure Awaits

There’s really never a time Pokemon isn’t in the news and that’s not a bad thing! Among the flurry of related news, Pokemon Quest was just announced for a mobile…

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Pokémon Game

All-New “Core” Pokemon Game Arriving In 2019

Pokemon Let’s Go was already big news to reach fans online, a Nintendo Switch title that brings a more immersive pocket monster experience. The official reveal trailer showed a Poke…

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Pokémon Let's Go

Pokémon Let’s Go Announced For Nintendo Switch – Everything We Know So Far (VIDEO)

The last few months have seen rumors of a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, which will see the introduction of a new generation of Pocket Monsters in a new main-series…

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Pokémon Game

Another New Pokémon Game Discovered In Nintendo Patent

An all-new Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch is looking to officially unveil the eighth generation of Pocket Monsters to fans, making it the first main series entry for the hybrid…

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