Silent Hill 2 Secrets

New Silent Hill 2 Secrets Discovered 17 Years After Launch (VIDEO)

Silent Hill games are well-known for their intense, fear-inducing atmosphere, made even more terrifying by the seemingly omnipresent monsters that lurk just beyond a veil of fog. Because of these…

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God of War Easter Eggs and Secrets

God of War Easter Eggs And Secrets Will Be In Abundance, Says Director

The incoming installment of the God of War franchise is looking to provide a different experience for fans of Kratos’ usual shenanigans. With the shift to Norse mythology, the game…

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Doctor Who Easter Egg Found In Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Easter eggs in video games have been around for ages. To see video game developers go out of their way to place something in a game that doesn’t necessarily belong…

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Destiny 2 Hides A Gigantic Pokemon Easter Egg And It’s Pretty Hard To Miss

When it comes to Easter eggs, players are always looking for a good find and it’s always a memorable treasure hunt when it’s least expected. While this isn’t the first…

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Assassins Creed Easter Egg

Assassins Creed Easter Egg Found in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (VIDEO)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases within just a few days leaving many fans with anticipation. The first game in the series was well received but was also heavily compared to…

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injustice 2 joker

Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs Found in Injustice 2

After nearly an entire year of hype and character reveals, NetherRealm Studios‘ Injustice 2 finally released earlier this week. The fighting game that features a huge cast of some of DC Comics’…

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Giant Shark Easter Egg in Battlefield 1 Has Been Found, Here’s How to Trigger the Encounter (VIDEO)

Players have yet to find all the hidden eggs in the game, but that’s the eventual goal! A giant shark Easter egg has been found in Battlefield 1 and thankfully…

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