The Sims 4 Receives Toddler Life Stage Update for Free (VIDEO)

The Sims games are definitely those ones where you binge for a month, heave a sigh of exhaustion, and put down for even more months at a time. Electronic Arts…

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Battlefield 1 Rented Servers

DICE Looking to Implement These New Features To Battlefield 1 Rented Servers

While gaming fans have had a strained relationship with EA’s additional services for their games, most of the fan response to the announcement of private servers for Battlefield 1 seemed…

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Star Wars Battlefront Offers Free Weekend for Death Star DLC

With the launch of Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront, we saw a return of the classic player vs player (pvp) style third person shooter (TPS) that pits the Galactic Empire…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Shines Spotlight on Some Background Characters: Meet Foster, Nakmor, and Sloane

It is no doubt that BioWare’s next space adventure, Mass Effect Andromeda, is one of the most anticipated titles in years. With the most recent drop of extended gameplay at…

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Devs Respond to Fan Concern Over Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Trailer Animations

Unsurprisingly among the biggest highlights of the 2016 Video Game Awards was the reveal of the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer. The extended premiere showcased various elements of  gameplay from aspects like…

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EA “Huge Fans” of Nintendo – Watching the Nintendo Switch “With Interest”

All eyes in the industry are on Nintendo after their huge announcement of the latest in their console line, the Nintendo Switch. Among those watchful eyes is Electronic Arts, or…

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FIFA 17 Honors Brazilian Soccer Team After Horrific Plane Crash

A tragic plane crash carrying the Brazilian soccer team, Chapecoense, earlier this week struck the hearts of many. The news continued to bring dire updates, including the staggering total of…

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BioWare’s Future IP is Story-Based, and Aaryn Flynn Talks BioWare’s Future and Direction

You know, Mark Darrah has been dropping hints about a game. A Dragon Age game in the works and there’s a confirmed game in the making. Is it a coincidence,…

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Familiar Mass Effect Races Return in Andromeda – But Not All of Them

Just because we’re off to a new galaxy in Mass Effect Andromeda, doesn’t mean we won’t see some familiar faces. It is greatly expected that most of the races we…

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Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Battlefield 1 Now Offering Purchasable Battlepacks – Microtransactions Inbound

Battlefield 1 weapon skins, AKA Battlepacks, are now available to purchase with real world money through microtransactions. The popular Electronic Arts and DICE game Battlefield 1 (maybe you’ve heard of…

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