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Destiny 2 Support Will Continue Through 2022, No Plans For Destiny 3

Exciting news for Guardians around the world. Bungie revealed new information on the future of Destiny 2 with a roadmap of expansions, DLC, and various updates to come in the…

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Destiny Director Addresses Rumors Of An Open-World Future

Destiny 2 is still going strong in terms of content with the next being the highly anticipated Shadowkeep expansion. However, the technical limitations will inevitably force Bungie to move onwards…

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Bungie Reportedly Wants Cross-Platform Destiny 2 Transfers, But Sony Won’t Allow It

Cross-platform play and transferring are two big features that have been a hot topic in the gaming community for years now, with a huge ramp up in interest more recently….

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Destiny 2

Destiny 3 Will Reportedly Feature More RPG Elements

Rumors are often best left at that – a rumor. However, in recent years, dataminers and internet super sleuths have become increasingly resourceful, going as far as to accurately predict…

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New Destiny 3 Leak Reveals Darker Story, Gameplay Details

New Destiny 3 Leak Reveals A Dangerous Enemy Race, Gameplay Details

Ever since late last year we’ve begun hearing rumors about a purported Destiny 3, a title that will apparently be “more hardcore” and more representative of the kind of game…

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Bungie Offers Hopeful Update About The Future Of Destiny After Activision Split

The gaming world – alongside the developers themselves – cheered in joy when Bungie announced that they were once again in total control over the Destiny franchise following their breakup…

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Destiny 3

Destiny 3 Reportedly Looking At A 2020 Release

Some (all) of you may have heard by now that Bungie has officially cut ties with Activision, taking the rights to Destiny along with them. We’ve learned that the current…

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Destiny 3

Destiny 3 Leak Speaks Of A Darker Guardian, Game Bungie Always Wanted

The rumors are beginning to heat up surrounding the next installment in the Destiny franchise. A recent leak spoke of the future title, saying that it was going to be…

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Destiny 3 Rumored For Development, Will Be “More Hardcore”

When it comes to sequels of any kind, it’s difficult to create an experience that will satisfy everyone. Some find them more fascinating, while others are in a never-ending loop…

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