PlayStation 5 PS5

Denuvo Anti-Cheat Tools Are Coming To PlayStation 5

Though the PlayStation 5 boasts a number of advanced next-gen features, it appears the formidable console is preparing to get a considerable assist in the form of official Denuvo integration….

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War DRM

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War DRM Obliterated In Under 24 Hours After Launch

Digital rights management(DRM) measures are usually put in place to stifle unlawful distribution of digital media. Becoming more prominent among video games in recent years, the anti-piracy actions taken by…

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Sonic Mania DRM Removed Following Negative Fan Response

Sonic Mania DRM Always Online Requirement Removed Following Negative Fan Response

Fans of Sega’s speedy blue hedgehog have been anticipating the release of Sonic Mania since it’s announcement last year, while others have been waiting much longer for a throwback return. Now…

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RiME technical issues

Grey Box Talks RiME Technical Issues and Denuvo Anti-Piracy Software

Grey Box’s much-anticipated lost-boy simulator fell into players’ hands last week. While the game is good, PC users have experienced RiME technical issues. Corey Bradley came forward to address the…

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