Grey Box Talks RiME Technical Issues and Denuvo Anti-Piracy Software

RiME technical issues

Grey Box’s much-anticipated lost-boy simulator fell into players’ hands last week. While the game is good, PC users have experienced RiME technical issues. Corey Bradley came forward to address the problems on Grey Box’s website where it was also discussed the reasons why the company included Denuvo, an anti-piracy software.

According to Bradley, only a small group of gamers are experiencing RiME technical issues. In particular, players with certain graphics cards seem to be having the most trouble. AMD RX 580 cards seem to be experiencing problems all around, with GTX 1080 cards showing trouble with SSAA anti-aliasing.

We’ve also had users report that switching the VSync setting to Double Buffering significantly boosted performance, especially on 900 series Nvidia cards.”

Grey Box has also been experiencing some complaints from users because of the inclusion of Denuvo’s anti-piracy software . Some believe the anti-piracy software is causing the RiME technical issues. Bradley took the time to clear up this issue:

The fact of the matter is that we looked at the piracy rate on games that were very similar to RiME, and it scared us. At the end of the day, our obligation as a publisher is to protect our development team’s intellectual property to the best of our ability. Right now, Denuvo is our only effective option. The only thing that Denuvo is currently doing for us is checking to make certain that Steam’s (or Origin’s) DRM is still attached to the game. There is a small performance hit associated with this, but at this time we do not believe it is causing the problems that are currently being reported. We might be wrong. We’re monitoring the situation.”

Ultimately, Grey Box has no intention of keeping Denuvo. Once the game has been cracked, the studio will be removing the software. This is based on their observation of other titles, where the protection only lasts a few weeks. The company is not interested in continuing to keep the software after that time.

Could the inclusion of Denuvo be the problem with RiME technical issues, or are there development issues to blame? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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