Deadmau5 Issues Apology Following His Attack on Twitch After Being Banned for a Homophobic Slur

In more recent generations, perhaps no external force has had as much of an impact on video games and gamer culture than the rise in popularity of live-streaming. While Twitch…

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PUBG Exclusive Deadmau5 Crate Revealed, Limited Time Only!

PUBG Exclusive Deadmau5 Crate Revealed, Limited Time Only!

A few months ago, PUBG teamed up with pro streamers Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Guy “DrDisRespect” Beahm for some uniquely awesome weapon skins that players can purchase for real money…

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Deadmau5 Video Game Currently Being Developed (VIDEO)

It’s not uncommon for established artists to switch up mediums from time to time. Sculptors hit the canvas with some paint, photographers take up drawing, actors put out music albums,…

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Miramar Map

PUBG’s Miramar Map Set To Arrive On Xbox One Next Month

During a panel at this year’s PAX East featuring Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb and Joel, Deadmau5, Zimmerman, it was revealed by PUBG game director Brendan Greene that the Xbox One…

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