Overwatch console players

Blizzard Says No to Overwatch Console Players Using Mouse and Keyboard

It is either “one for all” or “none for all”, according to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan. On the Battle.net forums, a user by the name of lepistole began a thread…

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RetroEngine Sigma Rivals NES Classic Edition (VIDEO)

With the holiday season upon us, the rush to grab those highly coveted Christmas gifts is in full swing. One such item that’s hot on everyone’s wish list is the…

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Images of PlayStation 4 Pro Retail Box Have Emerged Online (VIDEO)

With just eleven days to go until the release of Sony’s newest mid-generation console, the PlayStation 4 Pro, images of the retail box have emerged online. Posted by Industry Insider…

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concept switch skin

Fan Switches it up with Nintendo Console Skin Concepts

The Nintendo Switch was announced on October 20th and we showed you everything from the unveiling. Now a fellow fan of the gaming godfather has created some pretty legitimate concept…

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Nintendo Throws the Switch on Announcements

The official reveal for Nintendo Switch this past week was interesting and exciting to be sure! If you were hoping to hear more about the console in the coming weeks,…

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Rockstar Games Drops Some More Teasers About the Future of the Red Dead Redemption Series

Earlier today Rockstar Games tweeted an image of their logo, sporting a red and black color palette. No words or explanation accompanied the tweet but that didn’t stop fans from…

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Halo Needler 1:1 Scale Replica Full Review!

NECA has brought an amazingly scaled, fully motorized Halo Needler from the hit series to life and it … is … awesome. Now Halo fans can complete their Spartan Armor…

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was the perfect way to say goodbye to a beloved franchise. With a rich storyline, graphics that are unparalleled, and characters both new and old…

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