Final Fantasy VII Cloud Figure

Final Fantasy VII Cloud And Sephiroth Figures Revealed

One of the most talked about games during this past E3 was the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. The new trailer for the project excited many with its first look…

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot Leaked, Updated Boss Revealed

Square Enix hasn’t given fans much of a taste of the Final Fantasy VII Remake lately, leaving some thirsty for more. A recent post on the Square Enix recruitment page…

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Cloud Voice Actor

Cloud Voice Actor Returns For Final Fantasy VII Remake

Since its announcement, one of the more interesting factors of the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s development has been the balance that Square Enix has chosen between staying true to the…

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Players Can Control Other Characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Fans of the iconic Final Fantasy 7 may have varied reactions to a remake to their favorite installment in the franchise. Although it is difficult to make everyone happy, the…

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