PlayStation Netflix PS5 DualSense

Netflix Game Streaming Platform Reportedly Partnering With PlayStation

The long-brewing Netflix game platform may not be off the ground yet, but it appears the upcoming cloud component may already have a formidable partner in Sony. This intriguing speculation…

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Hitman 3 Nintendo Switch

Hitman 3 Nintendo Switch Cloud Version Coming Next Week

Nintendo is entering 2021 after having a fairly successful year of sales. With the global pandemic keeping many at home, the Nintendo Switch became a hot commodity for its wide…

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Control Nintendo Switch

Remedy’s Control Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch As Cloud Version (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch has only strengthened its position in the video game market this year, and a big part of that has been its support from developers bringing their games…

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Amazon Game Streaming Service Reportedly Coming This Year (VIDEO)

As the consoles reach their next generation, so too does the format of video games themselves. Services such as PlayStation Now and Google Stadia have given their respective platform an…

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Nintendo Interested In Cloud Gaming, Says Console-Only Is "Pointless"

Nintendo Interested In Cloud Gaming, Says Hardware-Only Is “Pointless”

The technology behind cloud gaming was once sitting at a meme-level status, but as time and technology has progressed, the idea of playing games from the cloud has become something…

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Amazon Reportedly Announcing New Game Streaming Service Soon

Amazon Reportedly Announcing New Game Streaming Service Soon

The launch of Google Stadia hasn’t quite turned out as expected, with issues preventing Google from fully delivering on promises such as the quality expected for games like Destiny 2….

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Google Stadia

Google Stadia Adds 10 More Titles Ahead Of Launch

The upcoming cloud gaming service Google Stadia is looking to open up with a bang, bringing out an impressive line-up of the hottest modern titles for fans to enjoy. While…

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Project XCloud

Project XCloud Lets You Stream Xbox Games On Your Phone, Beta Available Soon

With the Xbox One supposedly nearing the end of its lifecycle, Microsoft has been planning for the future of Xbox as a platform. The next generation of Xbox consoles has…

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Google Stadia Internet Speed

Google Stadia Internet Speed Requirements Announced

Google took the world by surprise this week with the announcement of Google Stadia, their foray into video gaming by way of a cloud streaming platform. Some have been skeptical…

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