PS4 Update Sasuke

PlayStation 4’s ‘Sasuke’ Update Arrives Tomorrow, Brings ‘Boost Mode’ to PS4 Pro and More!

The PlayStation 4 firmware update we’ve all been waiting for, codenamed Sasuke, is finally arriving tomorrow. The update brings several new features to both PlayStation 4 consoles, with ‘Boost Mode”…

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ps4 pro boost mode

Video Analysis Puts the PlayStation 4 Pro’s Boost Mode to the Test (VIDEO)

PlayStation fans rejoice… sort of. Last week, a new mode was discovered on beta-updated PlayStation 4 Pros called Boost Mode. The “boost” part refers to the feature’s intended ability to enhance…

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ps4 pro boost mode

“Boost Mode” Allows PlayStation 4 Pro to Enhance Unpatched Games (VIDEO)

In preparation for their next PlayStation 4 update, Sony has announced a few features that aim to improve the overall user experience. One major addition to the PlayStation 4 Pro that was more-or-less glossed…

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