Metal Gear Solid Tabletop Game Arriving Next Year

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Metal Gear Solid is easily one of the reasons Konami is still recognized to this day. With the help of the legendary Hideo…

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Fallout: New California

Fallout: New California Devs Address Shut Down Concerns Following Board Game Reveal

The upcoming Fallout: New California board game is set to take players away from their monitors and back to the tabletops. However, the announcement of the board game has the…

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Street Fighter Board Game

Street Fighter Board Game Crushes Kickstarter Goal In One Day (VIDEO)

Not many would think that the Street Fighter franchise could perform well in a tabletop setting, but Jasco Games seems adamant about proving that idea wrong. Just after setting up…

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Golden Girls Edition of CLUE is Coming Soon as a Thank You for Being a Friend

Keep your cheesecake safe, ladies and gentlemen! A new edition of CLUE is coming soon to tabletops everywhere, and this time, gamers will have a chance to play as their…

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Dark Souls Board Game

Dark Souls Board Game Now In Production, Shipping Soon

Ah the magic resurgence of tabletop gaming is a gift to the world of nerds. New board games are giving players the ability to have their own adventures in classic…

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BITTEN: A Zombie Survival Micro-Game Kickstarter

Grim Games launched a Kickstarter for a micro-game called Bitten a few days ago, and they’ve already exceeded their goal. Since November 4th, they have raised well over two-thousand dollars…

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labyrinth board game

Labyrinth the Board Game is the Real Deal and Will Be Available This November!

In 1986, we were introduced to the fantasy filled adventure movie called Labyrinth. We watched 15 year old Sarah fight her way to the castle beyond the Goblin City to…

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