Beat Saber Linkin Park Music Pack

Beat Saber Linkin Park Music Pack Released (VIDEO)

Beat Saber has quickly become known as one of the best rhythm games, and due to its virtual reality nature, it definitely stacks up in the fitness game genre. That…

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The Witcher's 'Toss A Coin' Song Added To Beat Saber (VIDEO)

The Witcher’s ‘Toss A Coin’ Song Added To Beat Saber (VIDEO)

Netflix’s The Witcher is off to a massively successful start thus far, garnering praise far and wide for its smart writing and excellent performances from Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and…

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beat saber facebook

Facebook Announces Beat Saber Studio Acquisition

Virtual reality gaming has evolved immensely within the past handful of years alone with the likes of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, Borderlands 2, Kingdom Hearts, and a multitude…

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beat saber rocket league

Rocket League And Beat Saber Team Up For Catchy New Content (VIDEO)

Aside from making a name for themselves in the video game industry, Psyonix is know for bringing diverse collaborative content hauls to Rocket League. From the likes of Stranger Things,…

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League of Legends' K-Pop Video Grooves Its Way Into Beat Saber (VIDEO)

League Of Legends’ K-Pop Video Grooves Its Way Into Beat Saber (VIDEO)

It wasn’t long ago when League of Legends burrowed its way into the brains of the entire internet following the reveal of “POP/STARS,” a K-Pop-infused video starring a band of…

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Lightsabers Meet Smooth Jams With New ‘Beat Saber’ PSVR Game (VIDEO)

It’s scattered across Facebook and various other social media sites with one of the first teasers featuring a young woman going to town on a song titled “Escape” by Jaroslav…

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