Overwatch Hero Soldier 76 Confirmed Gay In New Short About Ana

Overwatch is well known for their inclusive lineup of heroes over the years. A comic released a while back revealed the overtly bubbly hero Tracer to be the game’s first…

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Overwatch Summer Games 2018

More Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Legendary Skins Unveiled (VIDEO)

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event is right around the corner, which means players are gearing up to take to the pitch and score a goal as as everyone’s favorite…

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More Mercy Changes

More Mercy Changes Make Their Way To Overwatch’s Public Test Realm

Blizzard’s Overwatch is in a constant state of changing and evolving into something that players want to keep coming back for more. At least, that is surely what the development…

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Storm Overwatch

Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Content and Giant Mech Coming Soon (VIDEOS)

Continuing the trend of new additions, Heroes of the Storm Overwatch content is coming once more. Blizzard has announced that two characters are joining the roster, with new skins, a…

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REAPER HERE: Check Out Overwatch’s Soldier 76 and Reaper Face Off in a Rap Battle (VIDEO)

JT Machinima is “dropping the beat” with this hilarious video pitting two Overwatch heavy shooters against one another in true epic rap battle fashion. Reaper and Soldier 76 face off…

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Overwatch Pharah Fan Theory Just Might Prove Who She is Related To!

Conspiracy theorists, take note! A Pharah fan theory is circling Reddit that just might prove who the Overwatch fighter is related to! We know what you’re thinking: “But it’s just…

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