Detective Pikachu Taxi

Detective Pikachu 2 Already Being Written By Sonic, Mortal Kombat Writer

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu doesn’t arrive in theaters for another four months, but Warner Bros. and Legendary appear very optimistic. Due to enthusiastic responses to the movie’s trailers and screen tests,…

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Metal Gear Solid Film Faithful To Games, Says Director

The phrase “video game movie” tends to inspire doubt, if not outright terror. While precious few exceptions exist, that justified negativity normally stems from unfaithfulness to the source material. The…

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Capcom’s Street Fighter Franchise Getting TV Series Adaptation

The global video game phenomenon created by Capcom will be receiving a TV series adaptation. Though not the first time this has happened, the Street Fighter franchise will be entering…

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Death Note Director Interview

Death Note Director Reveals Why the Movie is Set in the U.S.

With the arrival of Netflix’s Death Note film a mere twelve days away, hype levels for the manga/anime adaptation are quickly coming to a head. Like most film adaptations though, Death Note…

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The Official Full-Length Trailer for the Death Note Live Action Adaptation Has Arrived (VIDEO)

The official full-length trailer for the Death Note live action adaptation from Netflix has arrived, highlighting the modern characters and settings in the United States. In the video, which can…

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