System Shock ReWired Is The First Ever Fan Mission In 24 Years (VIDEO)

System Shock

While the game System Shock has been around for a quarter of a century, it has never had a fan made mod. That all has changed now that the Fan Mission ReWired has landed. ReWired marks the first complete single player campaign for System Shock. This latest fan adventure features three new levels, four new cyberspace challenges, puzzles, audio logs, and a new hospital ship ready to explore called the UNN Bismark.

While it hasn’t taken nearly 25 years to create the mod, for fans of this old FPS it may feel that way. The mod only took four months to create and until recently modders haven’t even been able to do this kind of project. While the original System Shock was released September 23rd, 1994, the source code wasn’t released until this past April. Take a look at the modders expert work in the video below:

Installing the System Shock mod isn’t terribly difficult, there is a 6 step process that must be followed in order to complete the installation. Interested parties will have to replace certain files in order to make the mod work and paying attention to each step is important. For those who want to download the file they can find it here!

Of course, in order to explore the new System Shock mod, players will have to download a copy of the game first. While it may seem difficult after so long, there is good news for curious fans! System Shock Enhanced Edition is on sale for $1.50 from GOG!

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