New SoulCalibur VI Gameplay Shows Off Geralt, Ivy, Taki, & More! (VIDEO)

SoulCalibur VI is just on the horizon.  The next installment in Namco’s treasured fighting series isn’t only a couple months away from release, but today we were able to get a closer look at more of the characters launching with the game.

Posted on YouTube by Shirrako, the four gameplay footage videos show Geralt vs. Taki, Nightmare vs. Siegfried, Mitsurugi vs. Maxi, and Xianghua vs. Ivy.  We get a great look at Geralt, who’s shown swinging his sword in the style of his combos from Witcher III AND we see he’s capable of using some of his sings like Ignii.  The fight also takes place at the Kaer Morhen arena, the place where Geralt learned and trained on becoming a Witcher.

All of the character designs look absolutely fabulous for SoulCalibur’s first foray into this current console generation, and the frame rate seems to maintain a consistently smooth 60fps.  While the videos below are not in 4K, the scenes here look gorgeous in real time.

Other points to take from here are that it looks like the game will ship with 24 fighters, based on the placeholders in character select screen.  It also seems that there will be 11 stages to choose from.  These assumptions are based on what’s seen in this pre-release footage and could very well be a different number for both when the game releases, but given that it’s only 3 months and some change away from that date these sound like solid predictions.

The game will ship for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th, 2018.  Check out our other pieces about SoulCalibur VI below and be sure to follow us on Twitter for all updates!


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