New Video Digs Deep Into What The Hell Is On Toad’s Head (VIDEO)

If you have ever wondered if the mushroom head of the super adorable character Toad in the Nintendo Mario series is part of his head or an elaborate hat, you are not alone. YouTuber Shesez runs a series on his channel called Boundary Break where he delves deep inside popular video games to answer your burning questions. His latest episode addresses what the heck is on Toad’s head.

So, is it a hat or is it his head? On one side of the internet debate neatly covered by Dorkly, the stories, cartoons, comics, and dialogue seem to suggest that Toad is wearing a hat. But, the other side is quick to point out, we never see Toad without his hat, except for one Super Mario Brothers’ cartoon (which not many Mario fans are absolutely sure is canon), so how can we be sure?

The recent episode of Boundary Break tackles the Mario world’s age old question, and researches through many Mario games through the years to find out if Toad is wearing a hat or if the whole mushroom is his head. The result? Well, about what you’d expect, but there is good evidence that in this case at least, both sides could be right. Watch the video below to see what Shesez came up with.

So the answer is ‘could be either way.’ It is up to Nintendo now to give us the final answer, as they did when they revealed Mario’s true occupation is not a plumber. Hopefully, the reveal of this long awaited answer won’t leave fans too disappointed.

So, which side of the debate are you on? Is Toad wearing a hat, or are all Toads little people with mushroom shaped heads? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to stay tuned to DFTG or follow us on Twitter for the latest in gaming news!


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