These Super Mario Statues Are Perfect For Anyone’s Collection

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Super Mario Odyssey is taking the world by storm with its wonderful setting and silly story following Mario and Cappy. One thing is certain when things like this take off, and that is the fact that fans are going to want some sweet collector’s goodness. That being said, these Super Mario statues are the collectibles to have.

These 15-inch polystone Super Mario statues from First 4 Figures would be the perfect addition to any Odyssey fan’s collection. Besides the two shown below, there are a few other versions that are sold out at the moment and an upcoming Bowser statue that is still shrouded in secrecy. Fans can check out all they have to offer on their website, but for now let’s start with the Tanooki Mario:

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First 4 Figures is very excited to reveal Tanooki Mario from the hit-game ‘Super Mario 3D Land’, the first in an entirely new series of Super Mario statues. After collecting a Tanooki Leaf, Mario dons the Tanooki Suit thus granting him new abilities such as a glide and a powerful tail whip attack. We’ve captured him in his trademark pose from the game, shaking his tail and ready to unleash the tail whip at any moment. The base that he is stood on is styled after the first world in the game with a rich green lawn atop striped brown soil.”

The Tanooki Mario statue is made out of polystone resin and stands 15 inches tall. It is hand painted with a numbered base and comes with an authenticity card. Created by artist Khurram Alavi, only 2,000 of these Tanooki Marios have been made, so they will be snatched up fast! It’s available right now for $199.99.

In Super Mario 3D World, Mario can transform into the cute and furry Cat Mario by grabbing one of the Lucky Bell or Super Bell Power Ups. He gets a host of new skills, from the ability to scamper up walls with his claws to a speed boost as he runs along on all fours.

First 4 Figures is happy to power-up our Super Mario collection with the adorable Cat Mario. Clutching a shiny, golden Coin in one paw and with the other raised in the classic lucky cat pose, Cat Mario sits atop one of the series’ signature Question Mark Blocks. He’s even wearing Lucky Cat Scarf and Bell around his neck.”

This Cat Mario statue has all the same features as the Tanooki Mario, but it is a little extra special, thanks to the shiny metallic gold coin. This one is also limited to 2,000 pieces and was created by artist Sachin Pradham, so get it before it’s gone for $209.99!

What did you think of these adorable Super Mario statues? Let us know in the comments section below, and then make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay updated on all the hottest gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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