Trailer For Styx: Shards Of Darkness Shows Off More Goblin Tricks (VIDEO)

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Who doesn’t love playing a good stealth game? Some titles in this genre may have been a complete hit or miss, but for the most part they’ve all had their fair share of success. As a whole, the stealth genre just seems to be picking up more and more players as time goes on. Styx: Master Of Shadows was a wonderful game about a stealthy Goblin – the first Goblin, in fact. Now a sequel is on its way, and it’s set to impress.

Styx: Shards Of Darkness is due to release in March 2017 and the gameplay looks amazing. This stealthy Goblin, named Styx, is boosted by a magical Amber that flows through his body, giving him many magical abilities. The new game will also be adding in crafting, allowing players to create tools and gadgets that will help in your missions, whether they are designed to distract, disable or kill your enemies. Each level will be large and will have plenty to explore, allowing the player to find more equipment to bolster their arsenal.

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Styx is quite the character, and will no doubt keep old fans happy, as well as pull in new ones. If you’re a fan of stealth games, this is definitely going to be one to try. Each tool is designed to supplement the stealthy approach of the game, whether it’s sneakily assassinating every enemy, or avoiding them, there’s multiple ways to play this to suit different styles, as long as you enjoy being unseen. In the new trailer, we see some of the skills Styx implements as he dispatches of those pesky Elves to steal the Quartz. Traps are set, chandeliers are dropped, knives are thrown, clones are used. It’s all fun and games until the Elves die a painful death. Check it out below, and enjoy the tricks and skills that Styx employs to get the job done:

Are you ready for this? Have you played the first one and what were your thoughts on it? Was it a huge hit, or one you wish would stay buried? Comment below and tell us if you’re looking forward to the newest stealth title to hit the market. Don’t forget stay tuned in with DFTG for all your gaming news needs and join us on Facebook and Twitter to be a part of our amazing community.

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