Street Fighter V Update to Introduce Public Penalty Icon for Rage-Quitters, and All to See

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An upcoming date may have a penalty awaiting rage-quitters, for Capcom‘s Street Fighter V, according to a NeoGAF user by the name of Moradin. Namely, it will be a public showcase in the form of a profile badge. If you take a look at the screenshot below, you can see that the player on the right has a reaper’s head icon that indicates this person quit. Meanwhile, on the left-hand side – the player on the left gets a icon that resembles a shiny blue gem.

Unfortunately, with the quality of the image, it’s rather hard telling what the symbol actually is. Concerned about your Street Fighter street cred? Let your worries subside – it looks as though you won’t be marked by them unless you’ve done one or the other frequently. However, if a player repeatedly disconnects from a game, consequences include the deduction of League Points and, albeit temporary, matchmaking restrictions.

Penalties will be incurred for disconnecting during a network match, including LP reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions. Also, special icons will be displayed on the Fighter Profiles of players who frequently disconnect, as well as those who never do, making it easier for players with the same icon to battle against each other.

This might worry some players. What if their internet connection just sucks all the time, but they still want to enjoy online player versus player matches? Will the system recognize the difference between an unintentional disconnect from the server, and a purposeful one? The issue has yet to be addressed, but it won’t be long now.

Penalties and rewards for sportsmanship aren’t the only additions making its’ way to the update. Players get the choice of selecting their very own music to play during matches – in Versus, Ranked, Training, or Casual. Question is – will both players hear it, or just the selector? Not only that, some players may be able to select any sort of audio file. Not just music, am I right? Or scream-o.

What are your thoughts on the leaked information for the upcoming SFV update? Do you have personal reservations about the penalty system? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section down below, we would love to hear from you!

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