Game Director Makes Strange Video to Attract NieR Automata Pre-Orders

NieR Automata Pre-order

Usually when a game makes a promotional video to attract pre-orders, they are really cut and dry: “Here is our game, look how pretty, this is the release date, pre-order now” – but the Game Director for NieR Automata decided to go a different route. Yoko Taro made a video for the Square Enix published game wearing his signature mask and standing with Platinum Games Designer Taura Takahisa. The video shows Takahisa wearing a special Emil t-shirt and Taro announces that if you pre-order NieR Automata for PS4 in the UK, you will receive the shirt. That’s when things get weird.

As you can see, Taro REALLY wanted that t-shirt! He hands Takahisa his microphone and then tries to rip the shirt off of him before you see Taro rolling across the ground, holding up the Emil shirt and proclaiming repeatedly, “NieR Automata t-shirt!” The best part is at the end when he proclaims, “S**T Square Enix!” What is even more funny is the description of the video on YouTube that just repeats “NieR Automata t-shirt!” 12 times. The offer is only available through certain retailers in the UK and unfortunately, at this point in time, doesn’t apply to the US. Amazon US does list some digital bonuses for picking up the Day One edition though, including Grimoire Weiss Pod, Machine Mask accessory, Retro Grey Pod skin, Play System Pod skin, Cardboard Pod skin, and Retro Red skin.

NeiR Automata

NieR Automata is set for PS4 release in the US on March 7th and March 10th for Europe and Australia. There will be a PC version of the game sometime later this year. You can watch the trailer for NeiR Automata here! What did you think of the video? Did you find it funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter and now Disqus!

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