These Retro Arcade Sofas are a Total Knock Out! (Gallery)

Most geeks’ houses, at some point, end up looking like a museum of every fandom they have ever been a part of. Pieces of artwork commissioned at conventions, action figures on every shelf and surface, stacks of comic books, and of course piles of video games. There’s one thing that most people wouldn’t have, but after today, will be pining after until they get their sweaty hands on, and that is one of these retro Arcade Sofas!

These amazing Arcade Sofas are created by the French design company Harow and the website shows 21 examples of what they can do with them. They each measure 125cm x 110cm x 150cm and weigh around 120lbs, but the site says they can create custom sizes and configurations by request. The designs range from classic video games to popular cartoons and even simple and elegant color schemes.

arcade sofas

Each of these custom Arcade Sofas is handmade from velvet, steel, and recycled wood. The website doesn’t have a price listed and it claims they are just imagined creations from the designer, so customers could probably contact the company and ask for any design they want, but no promises on that. Here is what Harow’s website has to say:

In the early 1990s, the arcades experienced a major resurgence with the 1991 release of Capcom’s Street Fighter II, which popularized competitive fighting games and revived the arcade industry to a level of popularity not seen since the days of Pac-Man, setting off a renaissance for the arcade game industry in the early 1990s. Its success led to a wave of other popular games which mostly were in the fighting genre, such as Pit-Fighter (1990) by Atari, Mortal Kombat by Midway Games, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1992) by SNK, Virtua Fighter (1993) by SEGA, Killer Instinct (1994) by Rare, and The King of Fighters (1994–2005) by SNK. In 1993, Electronic Games noted that when “historians look back at the world of coin-op during the early 1990s, one of the defining highlights of the video game art form will undoubtedly focus on fighting/martial arts themes” which it described as “the backbone of the industry” at the time.”

If you could create a custom Arcade Sofa of your own, what would be your design? Check out the gallery below and then scroll down and let your creativity flow in the comments section! Make sure to follow DTFG on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest gaming and pop culture news 24/7! Did you hear that the COD: WWII private beta introduced kill confirmed game mode? Read about it here!

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