Real-Time Facial Animation System Added in Star Citizen – Aims to “Revolutionize” Gaming (VIDEO)

Creator Chris Roberts is looking to revolutionize gaming with the implementation of real-time facial animation in the upcoming space title Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games, the developers behind the upcoming title, released a new video showcasing their partnership with Faceware Technologies in order to bring in the “first-of-its-kind” technology that looks to add an entirely new layer of immersion to Star Citizen, check it out in the trailer below:

The use of this type of technology allows players to animate their characters with using real life movements when speaking with other toons in-game. So how does this new facial animation system work exactly and how will it “revolutionize” gaming?

The new feature will track players’ facial expressions and movement, then reproduce them on their avatars in-game, allowing for the most immersive and realistic player-to-player communication. Those movements are then instantly streamed onto the character’s face, in-game, a critical element in creating believable digital faces. The feature can also be used with the computer’s built-in webcam, though the quality of facial detection may vary.”

To detect facial movements via the dots uses something called Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP), and it uses sensors to play IRL connect the dots in relation to the in-game counterpart. The technology is definitely cool and isn’t something common in gaming. According to Chris Roberts, the game’s creator, this is a “revolutionary step in gaming” and the team can’t wait for players to check it out for themselves,

For the first time we’ll be able to deliver the full range of human emotion, not just voice. Our players’ facial expressions will be translated onto their avatars’ face. Combine that with a player’s voice correctly positioned in the virtual world, and you have the most lifelike player-to-player communication ever.”

This technology is used for motion capture for the faces in gaming, but not something that has been accessible for players themselves. Roberts is correct that if this is done successfully, it will add a never-before-seen immersion to gameplay and create stronger connections within the game’s massive online community.

Star Citizen and its single player campaign Squadron 42 have yet to receive a set release date, but the title is in early access for PC gamers currently. Have you gotten a chance to check out the enormous space game? What are your thoughts so far one what you’ve seen on the facial animation technology in the video above? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us your thoughts, and don’t forget to also check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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