Rainbow Six Siege Blitz Glitch Pretty Much Makes Him Unstoppable

This week has had fans in a tizzy as a Rainbow Six Siege Blitz glitch has created some onesided encounters. As if the shield-weilding character wasn’t already a challenge, the latest exploit has allowed for players to fire their weapons without dropping their shield. Going toe-to-toe with him may have already been difficult, but now encounters are downright deadly.

Ubisoft hasn’t addressed when a fix will arrive, but they are aware of the problem. While the fix is enroute, players may be wondering just what exactly the Rainbow Six Siege Blitz glitch actually does. Players can trigger the exploit with a specific set of commands if they have breaching charges. The affect gives a pretty hefty boost to accuracy and makes operators tough to handle.

Rainbow Six Siege Blitz glitch

As if that wasn’t enough, the Rainbow Six Siege Blitz glitch is also allowing players to kill enemies from behind thick walls. What’s worse than an overpowered Blitz right in front of you? One you can’t see or out run. With the glitch having been sighted for as long as two weeks now, players are definitely hoping for a quick fix soon.

With any luck, Ubisoft will have the Rainbow Six Siege Blitz glitch wrapped up soon. For those who might be interested in checking out the game, there is plenty to get excited about! Players can currently get 40% off Standard, Advanced, Gold, and Complete editions of the title. With there no longer being a need to pay Renown to unlock in-game achievements or operators, players can dive right into the action.

Have any of you out there encountered the Blitz exploit or tried it yourself? When do you believe Ubisoft will get around to implementing a fix? Share your experiences in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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