This New ‘Prey’ Trailer Showcases the Neuromodifier and Will Leave Your Eyes Watering (VIDEO)

Prey Neuromodifier

Have you ever wondered what benefits there are to inserting two 12 inch needles into your eyeballs? Thanks to Bethesda Softworks’ latest trailer for their upcoming sci-fi horror game Prey, you’ll finally get a breakdown of what the Neuromodifier is capable of and answer to that age old question.

In the upcoming title, players will be able to gain abilities by using a device called the Neuromodifer. This device designed from the scientists from the seventh circle of hell will inject a serum into your ocular spheres that will give you unique skills to fend off the mutant aliens in the game. These abilities include thermoplasma traps that when triggered will create a pillar of burning plasma that is sure to leave your enemies extra crispy. You’ll also be able to disguise yourself as every day common items such as chairs and briefcases to stay undetected by your opponents until the time is right to strike. Check out the Neuromod Research Division trailer for Prey below:

Thanks to the research and development team, the latest version of the Neuromodifier has smaller insertion points on the rapid release needles (those terrifying pointy things that are to be jammed into your eyes) as well as a softer, wider eye cup for maximum comfort and better serum distribution. If Prey is a foretelling of the future, count me out. No, really, I’m good. I’d rather take my chances getting eaten by the aliens.

What do you think of Prey’s ability distribution system? What are your thoughts on the Neuromodifier? Let us know in the comments section below, or feel free to head on over to our official Disqus channel to talk about it with fellow DFTG readers, as well as our staff. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to catch 24/7 gaming and entertainment news coverage.

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