‘Pocket’ Handheld System By Analogue Announced For 2020

Analogue Pocket

Console manufacturer Analogue has announced its first portable system dubbed ‘Pocket,’ and it’s sure to bring back everything we love about retro handheld gaming. Analogue Pocket basically takes your classic Game Boy and steps it up several notches. Pocket will support Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced cartridges. They have also suggested that with a cartridge adapter, Analogue Pocket will support NeoGeo Pocket Color and Sega Game Gear.

Analogue Pocket

Along with hundreds of compatible games, the Analogue Pocket is set to raise all the practical features of the Game Boy up several notches as well.  One example will be the full internal synthesizer called Nanoloop. For the chiptune musicians out there, Nanoloop should blow your Game Boy out of the water for making music. See for yourself below:

Another great new feature will be the high resolution 3.5″ 615ppi 1600 x 1440 LCD panel. Obviously, this screen will far more useful than not having a backlight at all (looking at you, Game Boy) but will also be able to support various resolutions without scaling distortion. On top of all that, Pocket will have all the modern amenities we can no longer live without such as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB-C charging port, and a micro SD card slot. Lastly, it will also have a Game Boy link cable port built-in. This is great news for all the Pokemon fans out there like myself.

Analogue Pocket is seeking to crush all the less desirable forms of retro handhelds like emulators and other knock off brands with its familiar form and quality hardware. Analogue has yet to provide a concrete release date but the portable console should be available sometime in 2020. News of its release will surely come out in the next few months.

Are you interested in reviving your Game Boy with this new portable system? Do you think Pocket will deliver or just be another retro handheld flop? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow DTFG on Twitter for 24/7 updates.

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