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Analogue Pocket Handheld Pre-Orders Sell Out In Minutes

There’s certainly more hype than ever for the next generation of consoles, especially with new details being released relatively frequently ahead of release. However, the classics continue to stay classic…

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Analogue Pocket

‘Pocket’ Handheld System By Analogue Announced For 2020

Console manufacturer Analogue has announced its first portable system dubbed ‘Pocket,’ and it’s sure to bring back everything we love about retro handheld gaming. Analogue Pocket basically takes your classic…

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Nintendo Switch Lite Console Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch Lite Console Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

For months now, a new variant of the Nintendo Switch has been rumored to be in the works, one that would provide gamers a more on-the-go experience akin to the…

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Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Isn’t Ready for Handheld Systems – “Going to Watch and Learn.”

The biggest appeal to handheld gaming systems is the ability to take your games with you anywhere you go. Sneaking in some game time on your lunch break creates a…

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