PlayStation Declares Correct Name For The X Button, Internet Explodes

X Button

The gaming industry has seen numerous changes and technological advancements throughout its short history, but for most of the big console makers, one thing has remained fairly consistent: controllers. While Nintendo has made significantly different controllers with each console generation, they do usually maintain constants like a D-pad and A & B buttons. Microsoft and PlayStation meanwhile have kept their controllers fairly similar throughout the years, with PlayStation’s controllers retaining most of the same layouts since the original PlayStation. One thing that these big three have shared is an “X” button, albeit in different locations. However, it seems that PlayStation has officially declared that their X button on their controllers is actually supposed to be referred to as something different.

The PlayStation UK Twitter account recently shared a post which listed their official names for the four iconic shape buttons seen on every PlayStation controller ever. The tweet was in response to a fan who claimed that “Anyone who says cross is a cop,” in reference to another tweet that asked “do you say ‘x’ or ‘cross’ button?” The PlayStation UK account then listed their official names for the four buttons, including the supposed X button,  seen on the right side of their controllers: Triangle, Circle Square and Cross.

This decree from an official PlayStation account was met with a wide variety of Twitter replies from fans, many of whom were outraged at the name and made traditional dank internet memes about the controversial stance. Many of these referenced the similar internet debate over the pronunciation of “GIF.” The PS UK account even responded to some of these heated replies with clever retorts of their own. While this revelation hardly changes anything about actual gameplay on PlayStation platforms, for many gaming conversations and tutorials from the past, it does certainly leave a big X. I mean, cross, sorry.

Are you guys upset about the X button being called the cross button? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest video game news, such as BioWare having several big projects planned after Dragon Age 4, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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