Patrick Stewart Stars In New Video Game ‘My Memory of Us’ (VIDEO)

Sir Patrick Stewart has been somewhat prolific when it comes to video game appearences.  Relatively speaking, he’s one of the most famous actors that’s had multiple roles in video games, over 15 in fact!  News dropped recently that Sir Patrick will make a grand return to video games by playing the narrator of new indie game My Memory of Us.

Stewart also played the narrator of games such as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Sims Medieval, and the short-lived MMO LEGO Universe.  Check out the trailer below to experience the dulcet tones of Sir Patrick’s voice:

My Memory of Us is a narrative-driven experience that involves puzzle solving and evasion from enemies. You’ll take control of two young friends as they try to stay together in troubled times.  The pair’s country is overrun by robots and people who wear red colored clothes are segregated from the rest of the populace.

The game’s unique artstyle is truly breathtaking to see in motion.  Kind of reminds me of Madworld with its use of red on a black and white color scheme, albeit way less bloody.  Just by watching the trailer, I can tell this is going to be one of those games that makes me sob like a baby. Sir Patrick seems to be voicing an older version of the boy character featured in the trailer, so just an early warning to developer Juggler Games: THEY BETTER BOTH BE ALIVE AT THE END OR I WILL SEND YOU AN ANGRY LETTER SEALED WITH MY TEARS!!

Ok ok, I’m calm now.  My Memory of Us will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 9th.  Are you excited for My Memory of Us?  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for our impressions of it and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers


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