Kaplan Reveals New Overwatch Punishment System Coming Soon

Although Overwatch is a great game and loads of people have a fun time playing it, there are some not so great players that do things like throw matches, harass fellow players, cheat, and leave competitive rounds if they think the team will lose. That last one is a very common problem while playing the popular first-person shooter and causes the rest of the team to be at a greater disadvantage. Unfortunately, the current Overwatch punishment system doesn’t do enough to deter these toxic players from ruining everyone else’s good time, but never fear, because Jeff Kaplan has revealed that the Blizzard team is already on it!

The Game Director responded to a post in the game’s forum where a player complained about Overwatch’s reporting features not doing enough to dissuade the reported players and asked if the team at Blizzard will ever bring on a punishment that will actually make them think twice before ruining the game. Kaplan assures the player that, “There is a post about updates to the punishment system coming soon.”

Overwatch Punishment system

 The problem with players leaving the matches early has been a huge issue since the start of competitive mode, and most people have thought that the current punishment isn’t enough. Hopefully this new Overwatch system will make the offenders change their mind about quitting early, because a lot of fans have expressed their frustration and have started to completely avoid competitive all together.
What do you think of an updated punishment system coming soon? Are you happy about it or think it’s too little too late? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below and then head to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest gaming and entertainment news 24/7! Did you hear that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first-person mode is coming soon? Read all about it here!

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