Check Out 20 Minutes of Nidhogg 2 Gameplay for Tug-of-War Goodness (VIDEO)

nidhogg 2 gameplay

Coming out in 2014, the pixelated fighting game Nidhogg offered a unique approach to the genre, mixing the tense, one-hit-kill scenario of fencing with the tug-of-war mechanic of, well, tug of war. Those who remember the game, may also remember the large amount of friendships it potentially ruined thanks to its extremely satisfying, yet competitive multiplayer. A sequel, Nidhogg 2, is now being made and its Summer 2017 release quickly approaching. Over the course of an 18-minute Nidhogg 2 gameplay video, creators Mark Essen and Kristy Norindr from developer Messhof went over a few of the upcoming game’s in and outs, while the footage demonstrates how the game is so hard to put down once the battle begins.

The object of Nidhogg 2 is the same as the original: fight the opponent, reach the other side of the level, and confront the Nidhogg, where the mythical beast quickly eats the winner for their trouble. Right away, it’s very noticeable how different the sequel is to the original, the game sporting a brand new, more complex design. A somewhat pixelated look remains intact, with changes being an added cartoonishly gross aesthetic that seems to fit the fun and intense gameplay perfectly.

The one-on-one swordplay that the first Nidhogg thrived on also received and update, adding more fight variations that are sure to keep opponents on their toes. Apart from swords, players can now make use of bow and arrows as well as other teased weapons to achieve the win. Weapons are cycled in and out of a player’s inventory through death, wherein a new one is cycled in upon respawning. If an opponent is able to separate a player from their weapon (or if you clumsily drop it), fighters can still kick their way to victory, a melee move that goes as far as violently stomping opponents into low resolution mush.

Among the stages showcased in the Nidhogg 2 gameplay were Airship, Beach, Winter and Castle. From what I as able to notice from the footage, each of the levels seem to have something different to offer in terms of obstacles to overcome, but all roads still lead to the always-hungry Nidhogg. What do you think? Are you impressed by the game’s jump in graphics quality, or are you more interested in how a game plays more than how it looks? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for more of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!

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