Microsoft Optimistic Over Xbox Sales – Strong Black Friday Pull

Microsoft was vague yet optimistic on Sunday the 27th when they proudly announced that Xbox sales on and around Black Friday were “strong”. Granted, Microsoft didn’t give us any sort of solid numbers, but they seemed to be happy with with the results of the largest shopping day(s) of the year.

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Xbox sales have pretty handily defeated Sony’s Playstation 4 for a while now in the United States and they show no sign of stopping. This is not to say that Sony is on the ropes, as they dominate the global market by leaps and bounds.

It is widely assumed that the Xbox One S was the driving force behind Xbox sales over the holidays and the Xbox Live Black Friday event (ending today, Nov. 28) was the primary source of traffic for the online platform.

We are grateful to our community for their continued dedication and passion toward Xbox, and are committed to making Xbox the best place to game this year and beyond.

Were you able to get out and pick up and Xbox One or One S, or did you just pick up some discount gamage for your system via the Xbox Live Marketplace? Let us know what kind of deals you took advantage of in the comments!

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