Microsoft Australia is Giving Away an Inflatable Xbox One Controller

Microsoft Australia

The ever growing list of nerdy collectibles gaming fans can get their hands on has just grown again with a brand new controller from Microsoft. This time, however? Fans are going to want to throw it into their nearest pool as soon as possible. If you just cringed a bit at that thought, don’t worry. This particular controller is totally waterproof, although sadly, it doesn’t sync up with your Xbox. Microsoft Australia has just started a new contest for fans, and the prize features a staple beach toy for fans to drag with them to their nearest pool party (remember, it’s summer down under, so be jealous if you’re stuck in the Northern Hemisphere right now).

Microsoft Australia

So far, Microsoft Australia hasn’t revealed the exact dimensions of this cushy toy, but from the look of the promo pictures, its definitely plenty big to lounge in and contemplate your next move when trying to defeat that boss battle you just can’t seem to win. To assist with your thoughts, the inflatable controller comes with two drink holders if you’re anything like me and think best with a refreshing cocktail (or soda for those who are underage!) in hand. The controller’s joysticks are also inflatable, giving you something to lean on if you enjoy lounging or wading the water with your friends. Just keep in mind, this contest is only available to Australian residents, and Microsoft is only giving away a limited number of these inflatables for their all-important Australia Day.

If you are an Australian resident, you can check out the rules of entry on Microsoft Australia’s Facebook page to enter the contest and win one of these inflatables for yourself, but hurry. The contest only runs until the 20th of January so you only have three precious days to enter. If you’re not a resident of Australia, unfortunately you’ll have to settle for pining long and hard for these sweet looking floaties (or see if one crops up online at some point). In the  meantime, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are battling it out against the cold temperatures, you can always check out the Xbox Onesie (pun totally intended) to snuggle up in and keep warm while flaunting your gaming style.

So what do you think of the Xbox inflatable controller contest? Do you live in Australia and do you plan on entering the Microsoft Australia contest to try and win one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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