Battlefield 1 Glitch Creates Terrifying Column of Fire

Kind of scary in-game but mostly just hilarious.

Having only been released for a week, Battlefield 1 has been offering players a great deal of fun and an interesting WW1 backdrop to have the fun in. The latest bit is a pretty interesting zeppelin glitch!

Imagine you’re stalking the battlefield, preparing to skirmish with your next batch of baddies when this happens:

This phenomenon causes exploding zeppelins to turn into swirling columns of fire before they fall like a tree to the ground below. You can even see something getting caught up in the whirlwind as it begins to right itself.

While initially this glitch was met with some fear and confusion, players were quickly reduced to bouts of laughter as the ridiculous whirlwind blazed through the game.

Many are referring to it as a Disco Tornado, or Disco Inferno, which brings a whole new meaning to “Saturday Night Fever”! Jokes aside though, this glitch is nothing that’s going to break the game.

Many players seem to want to keep the glitch, finding it fun and hilarious, but it is unclear whether or not developers will keep it around, or patch it up in the next few days. My favorite, however, are the YouTube comments:

Zeppelin Glitch

All in all this zeppelin glitch seems to be a pretty fun moment in the early stages of Battlefield 1 and what comes next is anyone’s guess.

Have you encountered the Disco Inferno? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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