League Of Legends Fighting Game Update Coming Soon

League Of Legends Fighting Game Confirmed (VIDEO)

With the buildup of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship currently in the air, LoL fans are currently locked in hype-land regarding Riot Games’ high-profile MOBA tournament. With so much in store for the franchise’s future, it appears several other projects are also caught in the enthusiastic crossfire, namely, Riot’s upcoming League of Legends fighting game codenamed Project L.

As posed in a recent question on the Project L subreddit, user CapsTheArbiter began pondering when the long-absent brawler might next rear its head, speculating the possibility of an update after the conclusion of Worlds 2021. Tom Cannon, a dev with the League of Legends fighting game, surprisingly responded to the query under the Reddit handle inkblotSRK, confirming an update is indeed planned for “sometime around” late November.

Announced back in October 2019, Riot has been particularly soft-spoken about its League of Legends fighting game, with the fisticuffs adaptation immediately going dark following an initial showcase. With that said, developers have occasionally chimed in about the status of the project, but these updates have mostly amounted to keeping fans’ eager anticipations in check. Tom Cannon memorably addressed growing rumors this past May, reiterating the game still has “a ways to go,” and confirming a dev update was on the way.

We’re planning a dev update for around the end of this year to share more about the game. Until then, sit tight!

— Tom Cannon (@ProtomCannon) May 3, 2021

With this new confirmation out in the open, it looks like it won’t be long before fans will finally get new official information about Project L. However exciting it may be, expectations about this update should likely be reined in as the project is expected to be in development for much of the foreseeable future. Come “late November,” the League of Legends fighting game will be the latest of Riot’s many confirmed spin-offs in the works, which already comprises a hack-and-slasher called Project F, an RPG titled Ruined King, and an action-platformer named Convergence.

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